Corporate Employee Transportation

Imagine waking up to a good mood on a fresh day, setting out to work, and encountering a delay in public transport due to multitudinous reasons! Who would like to face such an inconvenience during their office hours? Thanks to corporate employee transportation service that not only saves time and increases the efficiency of the employees but also provide equal and better benefits to the companies.

How transport automation benefit companies

Most organizations still follow a paper-and-phone-based transportation process. This comes with a diverse set of challenges, most notably the difficulty of scaling such models as an organization grows. Apart from skyrocketing costs and revenue leakages, confusion, lack of accountability...

Everything you need to know for your first job change interview

Switching jobs is part of every professional’s life. About 91 per cent of Millennial claim that they will stay in a job for less than two years, according to a recent survey. So, with this thing catching on, how do you know when to pull the axe and how to go about the job change?

How Aaveg Human Capital is Acing the Human Resources Industry Right Now

Given the unprecedented scenario, there has been a paradigm shift in the method of working. This includes more time on zoom calls and less at actual work. One can see that there has certainly been a sizable dip in employee productivity.

How Employee Transportation Has Become an Emerging Trend

With a humongous population, India also boasts a strikingly large employee workforce as well. The cause behind the tedious traffic in the roads of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore all have one thing in common. The traffic is caused by people trying to reach their workplace on time.


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