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Sapiens by Yuval Harari is an excellent book on human evolution. It’s a book on Human history and its journey getting shaped by three major revolutions: The Cognitive Revolution (70,000 years ago), the Agricultural Revolution (10,000 years ago), and the Scientific Revolution (500 years ago).

Human Resource and Technology

Human resource and Technology have centuries-old relations, from the mid-19 century of the first industrial revolution to the current digital industrial revolution 4.0, technology have enabled, made efficient, and brought consistency in work and life. Read more...

Covid Impact on Job Market

Year 2020 will be remembered for COVID 19 and its impact on global economy inward to outward, Market: Lockdown and unlock, Environment: Carbon footprints, fear of virus and many more. But Corporates and employees will certainly remember this for new words and there evolved meaning by experiences.

New Wage Code: Impact On Your Compensation

Economy has shrunk and unemployment is on a rise. Inflation is extremely high and forecast for next year also not very certain. During this time your take-home pay (private sector) is set to get impacted from April as per new wage rules. The new norms, which kick in next financial year, cap allowances at 50% of the total compensation.

Everything you need to know for your first job change interview

Switching jobs is part of every professional’s life. About 91 per cent of Millennial claim that they will stay in a job for less than two years, according to a recent survey. So, with this thing catching on, how do you know when to pull the axe and how to go about the job change?

How Aaveg Human Capital is Acing the Human Resources Industry Right Now

Given the unprecedented scenario, there has been a paradigm shift in the method of working. This includes more time on zoom calls and less at actual work. One can see that there has certainly been a sizable dip in employee productivity.

How to choose the right HR Service company

It’s always good to focus on doing what you do the best and decide what part of your business you need to outsource. Most of the technology companies or the companies which work on niche targeting prefer to outsource processes like HR. This gives them extra time and better control to focus on the core business.


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